I’m inexplicably swooned by the smooth curves of a well-designed typeface. Besides pushing pixels and dabbling in motion graphics, I also enjoy curating, reading, cycling, running, board sports, and discovering new things that make my life better.

A native Californian, I started out life in a Los Angeles suburb, and then moved to Northern California with my family. Growing up, I drew in all my school books and dreame of one day coloring cartoons for Disney. I’d probably be in a cartoon studio today if cartoons were still made in that style on a regular basis. However, I’m still a Disney & Pixar fanatic and knows enough trivia about the Disney•Pixar empire to be considered by some as a borderline obsessessive.

I tweetInstagram, and pin what I’m discovering and write more lengthy thoughts here on my website where you can also peruse some of my recent design projects. Electronic wordless music is the soundtrack to my life.

I’ve made a pact with myself to never let circumstances determine who I am.