Another Year Gone By

Well another year has gone by. It's around this time of year I look back and ask myself, "What have I done with all this time?"

Have I become a better person? Have I invested it in things that have improved my skills or abilities? Do I have deeper stronger relationships with the people in my life? What's changed in the last year? Am I closer with God? What has God taught me in the last year that He is using to shape me for the future?

All of these questions sort of haunt me, because I feel like the answers aren't what I'd hoped they would be when I first thought of them a year ago. Don't get me wrong, things did happen over the last year. I got a new car, my sister came to visit me, Mia and I took a few adventures out of town to some nearby places, I worked a lot. I've gotten a lot closer with the guys I work with who are some of my closest friends. I thank God I have a great friend in Chad Schaub and look forward to what God is going to continue to do in our friendship as it grows. God has shown me some tough things about myself in this year regarding pride, selfishness, and having an unhealthy critical spirit and I am growing in those areas.

But what else? Have I wasted this year? Could I have done more? Without a doubt yes, however I think more than anything 2010 has shown me that I need to make some changes in 2011. Changes in my priorities, my work load, my time management, and my personal habits.

I'll continue to unfurl what those are in later posts, but I recognize the need for some necessary overdue change in my life that only I have the power to implement and enforce, and though it will take some proactive conversations, it needs to start.

I've let things happen that have been embarrassing, (nothing wrong, just not how I would have envisioned them happening,) and I don't want that to be the case in any area of my life, especially when it affects other people I love and care about. I need to honor God with all facets of my life, and not let some be sacrificed so I can feel better about honoring Him in other areas, it needs to be consistent. I will need Him to sustain me in all of this, and I know He will.

What did you learn in 2010 and what does the new year hold for you? Let's do this together.