Christmas 2010 in Lynchvegas, VA

Ah yes, Christmas. Another season of frenzy and togetherness come and gone. I spent today with my roommates Wade & Andrew and had my Mia over as well. Wade provided quite the spread of a Paula Dean inspired French toast casserole, eggs, bacon, and biscuits. All was delicious. I am so thankful to have such great people to share the holidays with right in my own house.

I've sort of felt like a Christmas putts this year, meaning I am just not very good at giving gifts without being able to focus time on it. The sad part of that is that I control my time. I can say all day that I'm subjected to my schedule, that my work is delegated to me, that I have no say in what I work on and don't work on, but that's not entirely true. I could say no. I could risk my job, by doing so, but I can still do it. It's easier to be the victim, but it's better, more rewarding, healthier, and more fun to be in control of your time and priorities. I just didn't do a good job with gifts this year, and I know that's not what it's about, but I do enjoy giving gifts that meet needs for people, not just "stuff". Never again will I let myself be victim to my circumstances that I have the potential of influencing. That kind of gift giving takes quality time with people, research, listening, and good note taking to recollect what it is people desire, need, and enjoy. I've been really intentional about this in the past, but I've let other (less important but seemingly urgent) things get in the way of what matters.

This is a large portion of my life that I've let control me as of late, in large part because beforehand it managed itself. It's time to take action. No excuses. I regret letting it get to this place as it is, because it's much harder to backtrack try to change the course of something already in place than to just implement a course of action from the get go. Alas, I've dug this hole myself, and it's up to me to get me out. God help me. I digress.

Christmas was a great day, and though I of course wish I could have been around my family, I know that day will soon come. I spent the afternoon with Mia opening gifts at her place, and then watching Elf, which is of course hilarious. It snowed most of the day and got continually whiter throughout the afternoon and into the evening. We went to a Japanese hibachi grill for dinner with Chad, and after going back to Mia's place and watching a few episodes of season one of The Office I am now out at BRCC for the night so I can rest assure I can be here for tomorrow mornings services (though first is cancelled because of the snow). I look forward to this upcoming week that I will be forcing myself into cashing in some of my unused vacation days and taking some much needed time off.

I'll leave you with a couple random photos from today's festivities, how was your Christmas Day? What are you learning?

Our Christmas Breakfast crew (not including Wade who is taking the photo)

The Christmas Tree at Mia's place.

Dave (the Despicable Me Minion), the latest addition to my life.