Elizabeth Gilbert: A New Way to Think About Creativity

After you watch this interesting video on a new way to consider creativity. What are your thoughts? Has our culture wrongfully put to much pressure on creative work?

We as creatives toil over the process of coming up with something that has never existed, and for what? To be mocked when it isn't the best thing that's ever been kissed by the sun? Why do we put ourselves through that? Is our best work behind us? And if so, why do we press on?

The creative life can be discouraging, but we must search deep within us to contribute to what we have before us. It's what we do for a purpose greater than just doing it. What we get to do should be enjoyable and something that flows freely out of the joy of doing, and yet when it isn't flowing we just get frustrated. That we are not good enough, but what if it wasn't our ideas to begin with? What if we just need to listen better and be more prepared for when those ideas come to us.

Food for thought I suppose.