Erik Spiekermann on Typographic Design in the Digital Domain

People like Eric Spiekermann have played a huge part in what this [type] design industry is today. Interviewer Elliot Jay Stocks asked great questions which really surfaced Spiekermann's unquenchable passion for progress, innovation, and critical creative decision making, which is something we can all benefit from. It gets me excited to hear the zeal in his voice about older mediums being brought back to life with a fresh perspective and into new mediums of communication.

Embracing constraints is necessary in our industry to affirm for us what we don't need to be doing. Even in the simple things of type size or paper dimensions, these things help guide you to your solution. They eliminate the unnecessary options. Yet everyday it seems designers fret over feeling limited in their projects, or constrained in their options, but this is where true creativity surfaces. Amidst the limitations, we cannot just do, but we have to think creatively.

[box]When constraints are acknowledged and embraced, true creativity can begin.[/box]