Goodbye LinkedIn

So I finally pulled the trigger on something I’ve been putting off for a long time, searching for a reason to talk myself out of it.

I closed my useless LinkedIn account.

It just wasn’t doing anything for me, so I finally took the leap and got rid of it. I couldn’t get past the fact that it was not only doing absolutely nothing for me besides sending me e-mail and giving me another annoying distraction. I never got a lead from it, there was no one I was only connected to via LinkedIn (Most everyone was either someone I was already connected with in real life, Facebook, or Twitter), and there was nothing on there that you couldn’t find just by googling my name. I was having to put more work into it than I was (ever going to be) getting out of it.

LinkedIn never became what it promised to be, and frankly other sites like Zerply, Dribbble, & Flickr offer a much better solution. I can’t lie, I liked the idea of LinkedIn when it first came onto the scene. The idea of “professionals connecting with professionals” made it feel like you were getting in a secret club with the people you wished you hung out with in college.

However, like college, those people had their own circles wherein you were not. So there my profile sat, needing maintenance and attention, but not necessarily offering me anything more than my sweet myspace account. Saying all this, I realize there are lots of people who may have a plethora of mighty fine experiences with LinkedIn, but it just wasn’t for me.

So long LinkedIn, we had a good run.