I Hate Losing.

I hate losing, but not the kind of losing that most typical meathead guys get frustrated with. I am not a competitive person, I like sports but competing to me is really only a necessary evil (like facebook, and speed limits). I don't need to win, I like working hard and playing as a team, but if I don't win, that's fine.

However, there is a kind of losing I cannot stand. CANNOT. I hate losing things. I was trying to vigorously search through the verbose vocabulary of my trusty friend Webster's book for a word that was more strong and descriptive than just hate, but for now that will have to carry the tune of the following melodious rant. Let me start you out with a little 'behind the curtain look at the terrifying interworkings of my deranged cabeza.

I am super anal about my stuff. Not like a 'don't touch my stuff because I don't trust' you kind of anal, but like a 'I keep lists of all my crap because I hate losing things that much' kind of way. (This next section is for left primarily blank and meaningless so that you have some free time to snicker and laugh at my ridiculousness, and when you are ready and regaining the majority of your composure and your eyes are dried from the unbridled tears of laughter and mockery, feel free to read on.) I just hate losing things.

I try so hard to be a good steward of every part of my life. I avoid wasting time, and I avoid being idle when there is work to be done I avoid wasting money in anyway possible, I strive to use the time I have to put forth the best product that I have, and more than all those things, I hate having something, losing it, and knowing in my mind that I wasted that money because of something stupid I did (or didn't do).

I can count on one hand the things I've lost:

  1. Gap Pajama Pants (The only pair that's been long enough for my legs) // 2003
  2. Red Billabong T-shirt // Early 2004
  3. Innova Star Firebird Frisbee Golf Disc // Summer 2009
  4. Discraft Nuke Frisbee Golf Disc // Summer 2010
  5. Discraft Nuke Frisbee Golf Disc // June 20, 2010

You're probably thinking, "Silly Colin, you're a dummy and put the same thing twice for the last two, you're a stupid boy." Well on the contrary my observant friend, I lost the disc once, re-bought it, and lost it again today. Ugh, punch me in the neck. I think the only thing worse than losing something is losing the same freaking thing twice.

All this to say, I hate losing things (in case for some reason you decided to overlook the previous segments and eloquently versed paragraphs and skip right down to this very sentence for some brilliant reason I thought I'd reiterate just once more). I don't know why it bothers me so much other than that I'm crazy. It's weird, I know. 

Do you hate losing things as much as I do? Please tell me I'm not the only one that's nuts. Although I suppose  a lack of comments on this post will further confirm I need to be confined to a room with padded walls and a 'cool jacket that makes me hug myself all the time'.

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