Innovation vs. Boredom

It's easy for me to get bored if I'm not doing something innovative, new, or challenging.

I love having purpose in what I'm doing, and enjoy knowing that what I'm doing is for something that matters. It is so good to be a part of something that is bigger than you are, that is going to change something, that could change lives even. But what if all you're doing is the same thing over and over and over?

How does one innovate in a holding pattern of maintenance? I've tried every way i can think of to continually change things for the better when faced with maintenance. A little dash of extra this here, two more layers of that there, color correct this part like so, etc, etc. Yet, I can only fool myself for so long with those kinds of things. Thus, I seek out things that I can take underwing to improve, make better, simplify, streamline, or even eliminate to make space for more growth and continued progress. I love changing things for the better, not just for different.

New things are always fun. It's new, it's unknown, it needs to be explored, broken if necessary. How does it work? What is it capable of? How far can it be pushed? I love new, it's unknown and often, when new is involved, you get to be the one that helps other people learn how they can benefit from new. Granted it takes people who actually realize the value of new and can equate it with not just better/different, but tangible improvement when it's possible.

Challenges are fun, especially when they're achievable. I enjoy when something is not only difficult, but something that I am capable of or have been equipped to achieve. I could not scuba dive deep into the ocean, as that is out of my skillset/interests, however i likely create a poster, banner ad, and strategy that would help you get a lot of people to watch you scuba dive to the depths of the earth live on Ustream. I like helping people find out about other things or what other people are doing/learning. It's exciting. I enjoy being the vehicle of communication, and that is new every time to me.

There's new ways to connect people, new people to connect, places for them to connect. It's boundless and something that is never done. It can't be a one time solution, a method, an algorithm, but a constant tension to be utilized and acted upon. It is life fashion, or art, or car design, it's never done, but always changing for the sake of improvement and betterment. When did it become ok to settle and just continue doing something because it worked?

I cannot deal with myself being stifled by circumstances, so even when I'm handed maintenance, I will still seek innovation. I can't help it, God has made me this way and in me it feels like "just going through the motions" would be dishonoring. Can't help it.

How do you handle boredom in doing the same things over and over? How are you innovating to change things in your circle of influence for the better? I'm learning.