Movement Vs. Progress

Many times the concept of movement is confused with progress. Something can be continually moving or in motion, but it takes a lot more effort, risk, and passion to have something that is continually progressing for the better.

"Movement" is defined as:
The act of changing physical location or position or the general activity or bustle of people or things in a particular place.

"Progress" is defined as:
Forward or onward movement toward a destination. The advance or development toward a better, more complete, or more modern condition.

Though seemingly similar, there is a difference. Movement is just that, movement. You can "move in a circle" you can even "move backwards". Movement does not necessarily constitute forward motion of any kind, and thus can be confused with actual progress in a direction. Progress on the other hand has a goal in mind, a destination, a focus. Progress is not flippant repeated circular movement doing the same thing over and over again. Progress requires constant learning, refining, and a consistent path towards the completion of a goal.

Movement could be illustrated as drawing a circle on a page over and over again, or even the shuffling of a deck of cards. There is movement involved when drawing the circle, but really nothing is being communicated. Nothing is a new accomplishment once a circle has been made. It simply becomes repetitive. The same goes for the deck of cards—sure the cards are being shuffled and reorganized differently overtime, but it's the same cards. Nothing new, no new risks, no new thoughts or tools, just the same things. All lacking progress.

Circles are not progress. A deck of cards will always be a deck of cards. They can require movement, but after they're done once, are no longer progressing. I can see areas where I have experienced true progress and it's incredible to look back and see how far you've been able to come and are that much closer to your end goal. In contrast, I have also seen movement mistaken for progress and I feel obliged to step in and help people. I want to see people be able to experience the thrill of creating something new rather than fooling themselves by drawing the same circle over and over again. I see potential in almost everything and love sharing it, but potential is only potential until it leads to progress, to betterment, to refinement, to improvement, even to achievement.

I am never satisfied with what is, because I always seem to see what could be. As soon as I get to what could be, I want to know what's next. Movement is not progress. Do something better, something different that takes you to the next level.

Movement is over-hyped. Grow. Improve. Progress.