Never Stop Making


You cut to the core of me Jake Nickell. I don't do this enough. Even my typing this right now instead of doing what he's talking about is one more example of the lack of excuse that I have for not creating for the sake of creating more. I could be learning so much more by accident if I were creating just to create. It would be good. I doodle, but that's about it. I can think of more I could do, but thinking about doing it and not doing it is the same as not doing it. So what the crap, right?



So where should I start? what should I create first? Does this writing entry count as creation even though it's not technically creating? I've given thought to doing the "create something new everyday" goal, but honestly I've not committed to it for the fear of not doing it everyday (this sentence could also be read "I'm pathetic", but I'll let you choose your own adventure on that one).

What to do, what to do.