Why do I have such a distaste for sleep, though I cherish it so much? It is the epitome of a love/hate relationship to me. I recognize the value of sleep, the necessity of sleep, and yet on a daily basis I choose to avoid it at all costs. I love being able to acknowledge and benefit from a good nights rest, yet I rarely reward myself with such a prize. I fear the answer to such a mysterious quandary may lie in my personal priorities. There is a short list of things I love more than sleep, but the greatest culprit for keeping my eyes pried open longer than they alone would choose is my desire to learn. I love knowing more. The more you know of something the easier you can explain it to someone else with having to simultaneously explain it to yourself.

Knowledge is a great tool, but wisdom and discernment are the doorman to my warehouse of knowledge. That duo tells me when to share and when to shutup. When to explain more in depth and when to recognize that I've lost someones attention. They are the two that make the knowledge worth something.

All this to say, I need to better my sleep habits. I have made a habit of not having sleeping habits. For shame. On that note, good night.