Stumbling Forward

I’m done giving off the illusion that it’s all peachy and going perfectly. I’m an amateur. A bonafide hack at best. And I've come to grips that’s ok. Everyone I look up to was a beginner once. Every genius knew nothing at first. Every artist didn't know how to hold a pencil at some point.

I used to be even worse, and though I’ve gotten better I still have a long way to go. There will forever be more that I don’t know than I’ll ever be able to know. It’s no secret that I have a lot of room to grow. Instead of holding out on this blog till the day I’ve got it all figured out and perfected (ha), I’m going to try to fail forward in public on this site as much as possible.

Prepare yourself for a lot of rambly writing, a plethora of poor sketches, and a bunch of shabby doodles. It'll all be in pursuit of being a little better than I was last week. The only way out is through. So, to help you be encouraged that you too can improve no matter where you are, I’m going to let my shabbiness hangout.

We'll see how this goes. Writing this out is the first step toward forward progress. No longer will I be frozen in the now for fear of what the future may hold. I'd rather clumsily stumble my way forward than never move for fear of failing.

Buckle in.