Tron Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D

Tron R3CONF1GUR3D Artwork.jpg

I first heard the original movie soundtrack to "Tron" by Daft Punk and after getting beyond simply basking in the sonic delight I immediately fell in love. Now a few months later they've turned the whole project over to a handful of some amazing electronic artists who have taken some of these songs to the next level and rereleased them with their own personal flare.

Enter Tron Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D. They've pulled in some of the big names like Moby, Com Truise, Paul Oakenfold, M83, The Crystal Method, The Glitch Mob, Boys Noize, Avicci, and others who are standouts in the genre of Electronic and Dubstep.

You cannot regret buying this album (and while you're there check out their amazing site just for the album). Here is one of my favorite tracks for your listening pleasure:

The Glitch Mob - Derezzed