What Replenishes Me

I was asked yesterday what replenishes me, what builds me up, where I discover the most. I had to give it a bit of thought, because I could think of a list of things that filled me up when I felt empty, gave me that extra push when I couldn't get motivated, things that brought more out of me than I thought was in me, etc, but needed to find out what all those had in common. I love getting stretched, critiqued, pushed, and even when it's no fun I realize that it's important and for my best interest. But what was it that they all required for me to get to that place?

I realize, that the common denominator was this: I love being around people who are better than me. It doesn't have to be some particular thing that they are better at, just anything. I could be equally inpsired by someone who's incredible talented at working on cars, or a brilliant creative thinker, someone whose walk with God spurs me towards Christ, an unfathomable problem solver, a gifted designer, an incredible cook, or even someone who can make a perfectly straight photocopy everytime. I love being shown there's a new way to do something that is beyond my knowledge. I love having my mind blown, my faith increased, my desire for attention to detail increased, and being shown how things can just be all around better than they are.

I need to be pushed, and the way I that I do that is by surrounding myself with people that have passion, vision, and a like-minded desire of progress in whatever they are doing. It doesn't matter what you're doing, but if you're amazing me while you're doing it, I am thankful for you. You inspire me to get beyond who I am into who God calls me to be.