Who Am I?

Who Am I? It's not this fuzzy, but sometimes it feels that way…

I love learning about myself. I love discovering who I am and why I do the things that I do. That likely sounds self-centered, but trust me that's not my motivation. Self-awareness of who I am has allowed me to know where I have the potential to be most effective for a purpose that is much bigger than myself. I am a person who is never content with what is in the sense that I am always finding ways to do things better. I am not exempt from that. I realize there are things that I need to do (or need to stop doing) that will allow me to be more efficient and effective.

Discipline is sometimes looked upon as a negative thing. It's lumped in with concepts like predicable, boring, and routine. But what if your discipline is to always be trying something new? What if you have decided that you always want to be on the front of the curve and help others around you wade through the sea of options and potential to help find a solution that works best for a given set of variables? My decision making is often the culmination of everything I've learned, and therefore in order to continually be making effective decisions I must constantly be learning.

Constantly learning does not just happen. It's something I have to choose, and choose daily. Assuming there's always a better way means you never arrive, you're always on the journey toward success. Ever improving. Learning keeps my trajectory heading upward and it keeps the world from labeling me and telling me who I am. Labeling limits me. I can only learn by _______, I am a person who can't ________, I will never be able to accomplish something as large as ________. Why sell yourself so short? What if you can?

On the other side of that, there are rarely things that people are bad at, there's just things that they're not good at yet. There's things that I choose not to do, because someone else can already do them much better, and it's wiser of me to let them do that, so that I can fulfill my piece of the pie. It allows me to focus on my part, my role, my contribution, my growth. Doing everything leads to doing nothing. I have to constantly be evalutating what I should not do, so I can focus on what I should do.

I love focusing on what is to come, because it requires vision, hope, and passion. Focusing on what is (maintaining) is also focusing on what is about to be irrelevant. Having a vision for what is to come gives me a purpose for what I am doing now because I know that it is part of the bigger goal that I get to be a part of accomplishing. If I have no goal, no vision, no challenge, no hurdle, what is the point of doing what I'm doing and how will I know when I'm done?

Anyways, to wrap up this mindstream, I realize that I am built for greatness in the eyes of God, and learning more about who He has made me allows me to get the parts of me out of the way that stifle Him, and offer the parts of me that He can use most effectively. Self-awareness makes better by showing me what I need to improve on. I love critique because it makes things more refined. I love being critiqued because I know I always need refining.