This project was truly an honor to be a part of. Working with my team of designers at North Point Ministries' design team we got to shape a new brand-persona, voice, visual identity, and collateral system for North Point Ministries. North Point Ministries is a collection of amazing churches in and around Atlanta, GA. Lead Pastor, Andy Stanley, and his staff has created an amazing place that I couldn't be more grateful to be a part of.

After weeks and weeks of research and work, here's the thinking and reasoning we've realized with the North Point Ministries brand:

Our brand is not just a logo, fonts, or colors. Those are merely the things we choose to help people consistently recognize our brand. Our brand is our trust. It's what people believe is true about us. We all know that our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and our strategy for doing so is to create churches unchurched people love to attend. So, what is North Point Ministries’ role in that vision?

We believe our position in the organization is to be one of supporting, equipping, inspiring, and partnering with our churches. If our churches ceased to exist, so would we. However, if NPM ceased to exist, the growth of our churches would be hindered. In the same way, it's said that no living thing in nature can grow taller than 30 inches without some kind of skeletal support system. Thus, we exist to be that framework of solidarity upon which our churches are able to thrive and reach their maximum potential. 

Our logo represents that vision and purpose. We are the framing in the walls. We are the behind-the-scenes structure upon which they can build a community-focused, unique manifestation of our church model. This is why our logo is only the basic structural outline of a north-pointing dimensional arrow. It represents our name and our posture—in one image. Our position is to assist the growth of our churches, to strengthen their vision, and to inspire them as they become healthy influences upon the global church

This not only applies to our local churches through our shared services like IT, Media, Digital, Accounting, Production, etc., but also to our organizational posture toward the church. Through our Network Partner team, we assist churches by consulting, resourcing, equipping, and inspiring them to thrive in their communities. In the same way, our Resources arm equips churches with the content our local churches create to allow them to go further, faster.

This is our brand. It’s what we want North Point Ministries to be known by and for. We exist to assist, equip, inspire, and partner with our churches and the church so all may be led into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.