This is the key art for the 1-part talk by Andy Stanley to start off the new year of 2012 at North Point Ministries. The bottom line of the message was essentially what is the the one thing you feel like God has called you to do in this coming year. The idea that so much of what this world has to offer is designed to distract us from the purpose that God has laid out for us.

Regarding the artwork I originally came up with the concept over the weekend in a semi-last minute fashion, but along with our team we refined it down to what you see here. It went through a few phases and color palates but ultimately we decided that keeping it simple was the way to go. Taylor Cox took this artwork and created the title package leading into Andy which was a type-driven countdown from 10-to-1 displaying examples of things we set as New Year’s resolutions. We spent what felt like too much time coming up with the various resolutions but were satisfied with what we came up with. Much to our surprise, when people watched them in the auditoriums they actually got some laughs which wasn’t expected but always welcomed.

Pulling apart the artwork a bit, the background texture which kind of looks just like abstract particles and rings is actually a pattern of circles I created along with a particle field blended over the top of it to make it like randomized. The type is Knockout, which I love but isn’t geared for everything. I also added a large “ONE” behind the main typesetting just to add one more level of interest to the design so it could offer one more “hey do you see that?” moment while it was static on screen.

It only got to run one week, but it was definitely a fun one to work on with the team and watch it all come together. I love when we get to design simple but strong concepts that carry a memorable message.