Beginning May 13, Your Move with Andy Stanley, a 30-minute broadcast of the message series of North Point Ministries will premiere right after Saturday Night Live on WXIA-TV, the NBC affiliate in Atlanta.

This is an exciting opportunity that I got to be a part of branding. I work with an incredibly talented team that helped make this happen, but having the opportunity to brand this show was so much fun. I have loved watching it unfurl and today was the debut at 1:00 AM EST. The team has made incredible strides in our motion design, the title package for the show, and of course the amazing production team that it takes to shoot these messages and promos week after week. It takes our whole team to make this happen, and I love what this has the potential of doing.

We are all very hesistant (including Andy) to have any kind of show on television to begin with. There is already quite a negative stigma with “church on TV.” However, the vision behind this is not just to get more air time, to make us feel better about ourselves, but to offer an opportunity for people to come upon Andy’s teaching and have an opportunity to encounter God’s word in a way or time they never would have imagined.

The vision from the get-go wasn’t to have another show on Sunday morning as a replacement for going to church, but to be in a time slot that is broadcast in our local area that will encourage people to become a part of our local churches and discover a relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s an outreach, a door, and an experience. It is not a destination of any kind. Our leadership decided to take the spot after SNL with the hope that those staying up to watch SNL (our target market) would stick around to watch the show. I pray God uses this in amazing ways.

I love being a part of a place that is trying new and innovative ways to reach people no one else is reaching by doing things no one else is doing. A television show in itself is not original, but the way God has led us down this unique path through this opportunity, I know He’s got big things in store.

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